StemClenz Cleaning Kit

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Introducing the StemClenz Kit, the perfect solution for keeping your down-stems spotless! Our patent-pending cleaners boast a soft, silicone construction, ensuring the safety of your stems while providing a superior clean.

Experience a drastic reduction in cleaning time with this innovative and eco-friendly device that contributes to decreasing the nearly 2 million plastic bags used per minute. The StemClenz Kit is incredibly versatile, suitable for cleaning down-stems, slides, bowls, pipes, and more!

Pair it with your preferred cleaning solution to unleash its full, efficient cleaning potential.

Each StemClenz Kit includes:

  • A 14" StemClenz Cleaner
  • A convenient StemClenz Securing Clip
  • A high-quality microfiber towel
  • Two finishing brushes
  • Detailed directions and warranty information
  • A sleek, sturdy box for storage and organization

Invest in the StemClenz Kit for an unrivaled cleaning experience and play your part in protecting our environment!